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For Fine Art inquiries and commissions please contact: 

Los Angeles:

Orange County:  Ethos Contemporary Art

                           Georgeana Ireland Mayle


​For Costume Design inquiries please contact:

                           Cecilia Banck

                           Innovative Artists Agency


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About Luke

​​Luke Reichle is a visual artist, author, award winning fashion writer and costume designer with an international presence. 

Fine Art
In a decades-long studio art practice encompassing digital and traditional mediums in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, Luke uses figurative and abstract elements to explore the nature of image, character and expression. For his current bodies of work, he repurposes the elements of his background in the mediums of fashion, film and television design in order to explore the manufacturing of image, with all of the beauty, glorification, distortion, deceit and collateral damage the process produces.

Costume Design

On any give day as many as ten million viewers world-wide see his costume designs in a dozen feature films and over 350 hours of network and cable television with his series work on Castle, Without a Trace, CSI Miami, Scoundrels and The Forgotten. His work spans every major network and film studio and incorporates period, contemporary and fantasy design.


Luke's fashion career covers a wide spectrum of American brands from Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein to Levi-Strauss and Harley-Davidson.